Computer Science A

Hello World CS is an all-in-one, turnkey solution that enables schools and districts to build state-of-the-art computer science programs across grades 1-12. Courses build upon a shared core of complex, interconnected concepts, setting students up for a seamless, comprehensive learning experience.

Course Description

The Hello World CS CSA course is an all-in-one, research-based, turn-key solution for new and experienced teachers preparing students to master the essentials of Java and ace the CSA exam.

Teachers are set up to lead highly engaging, spiraled, and comprehensive learning experiences centered on a series of real-world application projects. Interwoven into our Java curriculum are instructional videos, FRQs, labs, autograded practice exams, a teacher dashboard, and more. This browser-based curriculum promotes autonomous student learning, creativity, student choice, and an interdisciplinary approach to programming.

Course Features

Autograded Practice Exams
Code Reference Library
Debugging Challenges
Embedded All-in-One Java Text Editor and Compiler
Explainer Videos
Practice FRQs
Practice Labs
Progress Checks
Teacher Dashboard
Visual Aids and GIFs
Vocabulary Library

Professional Development

All teachers are provided with an online, self-paced professional development course and also have access to a year-long professional learning community. Teachers will gain a thorough understanding of the CSA exam and be provided with a comprehensive set of tools to successfully implement the course. Teachers will have access to personalized support and feedback from the Hello World CS team. There are no prerequisite requirements for teachers implementing this course.

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