Computer science learning that transforms the way students view the world. And themselves.

Our curriculum transcends the classroom, creating multidisciplinary learning experiences that build leadership skills and serve students throughout their lives.

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Platform Overview

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Key Features


Harnessing the power of computer science to deepen understanding across diverse fields of study, including the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and the arts.

Cutting Edge Courses

Immersive learning experiences at the forefront of technological advancement that builds 21st century knowledge, including artificial intelligence, data science, and virtual reality.

Problem Based Learning

Students learn to invite challenges and celebrate complexity by approaching problems with curiosity and computational thinking.

Standards Aligned

Curriculum that reinforces Common Core and TEKS learning standards at every level, providing educators with a resource for both intervention and enrichment.

Ethics and Society

Students critically examine social inequities and ethical dilemmas, and develop reasoning and leadership skills that prepare them to work towards a more just world.


A self-paced learning platform designed for easy implementation, 100% student engagement, minimal teacher prep, and seamless student performance tracking.

Enrolled Courses
CS Adventures with VR
Grades 1-3 
CS Breakthroughs with VR
Grades 3-5
CS Connections with VR
Grades 5-8
CS Dimensions with VR
Grades 8-10
Web Development
Grades 6-10
Intro to Python
Grades 7-11
Data Science & AI
Grades 8-12

Our Curriculum

Engaging, self-paced courses connect computer science learning to real-world applications.

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We are committed to serving diverse students, with a focus on underrepresented identities in tech.

Inequity is a harsh reality in technology, our society, and the world. Our program actively addresses these inequities by providing access to meaningful, enriching learning experiences, to foster every student’s infinite potential.

Our Partners

Lead students to see the world not for its problems, but for its potential.

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