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View Projects Using a Mobile Insert VR Headset

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The video below will guide you through testing a VR project within Assignments using a Mobile Insert VR Headset. There are three common use cases for using a Mobile Insert Headset:

  1. You want to show a student project in class using your phone.
  2. A student wants to see their project in VR at home.
  3. A school event where you need to view multiple VR projects at the same time.

What to do

  1. Write down the share code of the CoSpace you want to test. For practice, you may use this share code for an escape room-like project called Tower Conquest: SNB-DPD.
  2. Open the CoSpaces app on your phone.
  3. Click on the Access a CoSpace button.
  4. Click on Enter a share code.
  5. Enter the share code, then click on View CoSpace.
  6. Click on the Play button.
  7. Click on the headset button in the bottom right-hand corner.
  8. Place the phone inside the headset.
  9. Put on the headset and use the button on top of the headset to click on objects.

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