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Access Controls

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The Access Controls feature will enable teachers to control which projects students can have access to. First, we’ll look at what those controls are and see how they impact the student and the teacher. Then we’ll open the teacher’s gradebook to see where those controls get saved.

The controls are Excused, Blocked, and Available. 


Excused means that the student can skip this project. They can open it to review it and complete it, but it cannot be submitted to the teacher. Therefore, teachers can’t score this project. But if it was already scored, its score will not be factored into the average score calculation. 

When a student opens an Excused project, they will see a message explaining this project is excused and will not be scored


If a project is Blocked, the student will not be able to access this project.. Like Excused, teachers can’t score this project. If it was already scored, its score will not be factored into the average score calculation. 


If a project is made available, the student can immediately start and submit this project. There are no changes to the teacher’s experience and once the project is submitted, the teacher can score it as usual.

What to do

Review this video to see how Access Controls works

  1. First, navigate to the section that you want to view. You’ll see your gradebook, which gives you an overview of your class's progress.
  2. Click the Access Controls button to open the Access controls page.This page is similar to the grade book, where we see a list of our students and the status for their projects. 
  3. Each cell has a drop-down menu with a list of available options to choose from. You will always see the current status at the very top. Selecting the control (Excuse, Block, Available) that you want to select for that student’s project
  4. If you see an error message, it means our system failed to perform the action. But don’t worry–give it another try or contact our customer success team if you have further issues. 
  5. When you’re finished on the access controls page, you can go back to your gradebook, where you’ll see the changes.

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