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Using the the Meta Quest Web Browser

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The CoSpaces app is currently being approved for the Meta Quest App Store. While we wait for the app to be approved, you can still experience projects in VR by accessing CoSpaces using the Meta Quest web browser, as explained in the steps below.

The video and text below will guide you through viewing a project in VR using the Meta Quest.

If you have yet to set up your Meta Quest VR Headset, you can do so by following the instructions here

Video Walkthrough:

What to do

The steps below will guide you through testing a VR project using a project share code.

  1. Write down the share code of the CoSpace you want to test. For practice, you may use this share code for an escape room-like project called Tower Conquest: SNB-DPD.
  2. Click on the Browser app on the Meta Quest.
  3. Type in the following URL: https://edu.cospaces.io/Universe
  4. Click on the Enter a share code button next to the Login button.
  5. Enter the share code, then click on View CoSpace.
  6. Click on the Play button.
  7. TIP about enabling immersive experience the first time

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